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Lipstick & Bullets Salon Services

All prices are individual services, you may need additional services to achieve your desired look.
  Prices vary depending on thickness & length 

Available services: 

30 Min Facial 45
This is a great first time facial or a maintenance facial in between regular treatments. This facial includes The 30 min facial includes:A through skin analysis,cleanse with steam, exfoliation (No extractions), light décolleté and facial massage, balancing toner, followed by an appropriate moisturizer. 

Anti-Aging Firming Facial 85
This treatment is created for skin that's showing signs of age-sagging, fine lines and dullness. A thorough cleansing is followed by our exclusive layered exfoliation process, energizing massage and ultra tightening mask. It's designed to restore firmness to sagging skin as it lifts, tightens and smooths lines. You'll instantly experience firmer, more resilient skin. 

Oxygenating Facial 85
Breathe new life into your complexion with this high-performance cosmetically treatment that carries active ingredients deep into your skin via oxygen molecules. The immediate visible benefits you'll enjoy include softer,smoother skin that feels cleaner and fresher than ever. This is the perfect treatment for skin that is sluggish, clogged or prematurely aging. 

Glycolic Peel 75
We always recommend that first time users begin at 10% and slowly increase every month or so until desired results are achieved. If your skin is oily, combination, non sensitive, or is accustomed to peels, then you can start at 25% but we always recommend proceeding with caution. We always perform a patch test on skin to ensure that acid is not too strong for you. Please keep in mind that not all chemical peels are the same. Some can be buffered to reduce their strength. Our peels are pure and unbuffered, making them maximum strength. With darker skin types, you must be extra careful when performing a strong procedure, because darker skin types are more prone to getting hyperpigmentation. Always take baby steps with peels. With glycolic peels, you want to experience mild redness and peeling. Any heavy peeling, redness and intense burning means that the peel is too strong for your skin and you should neutralize immediately. Post peel care is crucial for successful results. Avoid sun exposure, use a good healing moisturizer, avoid hot tubs and hot water or heat on face. Do not use any other strong products after a peel. We recommend that you do not use makeup the first 2 days after a peel. You can resume makeup the next day or in 2 days if your skin is very sensitive. 


Restore your radiance and reveal healthier, younger-looking skin with a customized facial performed by a beauty pro. All facials include a skin analysis to determine the treatment that’s best for you.

​Stress Solution Facial 85
A luxurious facial designed to soothe and soften your complexion while it deeply de-stresses your entire body. You'll enjoy gentle yet thorough cleansing, a soothing Aromatherapy Oil massage of the face, neck and shoulders, relaxing steam inhalation therapy, and a customized mask laced with calming plant extracts. All signs of stress will float away as you emerge with renewed skin that glows with radiant health. This is the ideal treatment for sensitive skin that needs extremely gentle care. 

Acne Clearing Facial 95
An absolute must if you're breakout-prone, have clogged pores or blackheads. You'll receive a personal skin assessment followed be deep pore cleansing, and deep exfoliation antibacterial Kerafole mask. Kerafole is a pore-purging facial mask that unclogs the skin's impurities. Fortified with Arctic Algae, ginko and chamomile extracts, fruit acids and essential oils. Make this effective treatment a part of your continuing fight against acne. 

Teen Facial 85
 Teen Facial is a customized facial for Teenage skin types to clear pores with steaming, deep cleansing, extractions and exfoliation. followed with a healing facial mask to rehydrate dry and flaky skin, control and or eliminate an oily congested complexion .The treatment and service will teach the importance of proper skin care, acne prevention and sun protection. This Teen Facial treatment service is recommended for both teenage boys and girls. 

Back Facial 70
Our back facial can be beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin. This treatment mimics many of the traditional techniques used while performing treatments for the face, and incorporate deep cleansing, extractions, and a skin type specific mask. This treatment is done entirely while you lay on your stomach, so it is not recommended for someone who is pregnant. 

Pumpkin Peel 95
This pumpkin peel blended facial treatment nourishes with exfoliating enzymes, antioxidants, and beta carotene. Infused with pineapple, aloe vera leaf, glycolic acid to improve skin elasticity and softness while moisturizing, and hydrating the skin. These enzymes help shed old skin and rejuvenate and promote collagen growth bringing your skin to a soothing supple glow.